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"I can’t say enough good things about my experiences working with At Your Service Dogs. We partnered to train my rescue dog in a “shelter to service” program. This meant working with both of us from assessment to the day my boy accompanied me to work for the first time, more than two years ago now. We continue to consult on an ‘as needed’ basis to take advantage of Micaela’s expertise.


Micaela’s patience, knowledge, guidance and love (yes, love) supported us in successful training. I was given clear ‘homework’ assignments and written notes from each session. I still refer to these today! Dog training is not for the faint of heart. It takes hundreds of hours, with and without a trainer. Having someone we could rely on to direct and inform each stage of our training was invaluable. 


The commitment of a great trainer inspires us. This was my experience. I became a better, more knowledgeable and consistent trainer myself. My dog is my constant companion, and I can be secure in the fact that his training gives us the foundation to go places and do things together. The freedom and confidence I have personally experienced as a result of working with At Your Service Dogs has changed my life. Everywhere I go my dog is admired for his well-behaved countenance and polite demeanor. I owe the relationship and opportunities I have with my service dog to Micaela. Our partnership is a reflection of her knowledge, vision, dedication and professionalism. "

~Mindy & Valor

"Micaela has been providing weekday visits and training sessions for my dog, Louie, over past 2 1/2 years, and she's one of the best things that has happened in both his life and mine. Not only does she have extensive training and behavior knowledge and experience, but she is also an absolute joy to work with and such a lovely person. 


Micaela is passionate about what she does, caring for and connecting with each pup she meets. She has a remarkable gift for understanding how to achieve training goals through choice. Seeing Louie happily deciding on favorable behaviors is a beautiful thing.  I have a busy life and it reassures my heart and mind to know that Louie's day is being made brighter and safer because of his time with her. Without hesitation, I'd recommend her canine services for any training, daytime walking, boarding, or consultation needs. You're lucky to have discovered the gem that Micaela is."

~ Leslie & Louie

"3 years ago, I adopted a rescue puppy.  It was after lots of thought and planning of the responsibility.  I knew that I had to find a trainer that would help me achieve the partnership and companionship that I wanted with my dog.  Micaela was more than happy to work with me even when she saw my 3 page typed goals for me and my pup.  


Looking back now, I can't imagine my pup and I having such an amazing partnership without the care, professional, commitment and love that Micaela provided and continues to provide to Benten and I.  


I highly recommend Micaela to anyone who is bringing a pup into the family or if you have an existing pup (or people) who would benefit from training.  She will be there to help you achieve your goals. "

~ Michelle & Benten

Micaela and her team at At Your Service Dogs are an excellent resource for new puppy parents! She's helped us with early training methods for our extra "spicy" lab puppy Walter, and we've seen a tremendous improvement following in-home training sessions with her, boarding, long daytime walks and a super fun puppy Kindergarten class. Micaela has been so patient with Walter, and made us feel extra comfortable when he was acting up in class (I like to say he was the class clown :)). To say her team is invaluable is an understatement, and I highly recommend her services and classes for dog parents looking for a trustworthy, kind, helpful training resource!

-Jessica, Michael & Sir Walter  

"We've been so lucky to have Micaela board/care for our dogs in her home when we travel for over the last 4 years.  Having the piece of mind that they are well cared for in a safe, comfortable place is priceless.  They return happy and healthy as if they have had a vacation of their own!  I can't say enough about how wonderful Micaela is and highly recommend her. "

-Jill & Jimmy

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