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Become and AYSD Apprentice

The AYSD Apprenticeship Program offers a comprehensive overview of various training methodologies through observation and application of hands-on experience. Scientific principles supporting canine cognition and behavior are transferred through mentorship and support.  



Apprentices must successfully complete 350 hands-on training hours to become a certified trainer with the company. There will be a required CPDT-KA certification exam that will be paid for by AYSD upon completion of the program. 

Paid Time:

5-10 hours per week at $16.00 pr hour to assist in daily business activities, cleaning, dog care, community outings with service dogs, etc.

Volunteer Hours:

Separate from the 5-10 paid hours, 350 hours will be divided up to meet applicants needs during the course of 12 months. Upon completion of the program, AYSD will require a 1 year, non-compete position with the organization. This will offer competitive pay and continued growth within the company.


Opportunities include:

  • Teaching classes

  • Private training sessions

  • Daycare/puppy social facilitation

  • Board & Train


  • Be 18 years of age or older

  • Possess or obtain a valid driver’s license, with Moving Violation Points not to exceed AYSD insurance carrier’s requirements.

  • Have valid transportation where 1-3 service dogs could travel safely in travel crates.

  • Be skilled in general word processing software Word, Excel, Powerpoint and email communication such as gmail.

  • Be open to learning and working in group settings. 

  • Be comfortable speaking in public settings. 

  • Have professional written and verbal communication skills.

  • Be a team player!

  • Be able to function independently and accomplish work with little supervision.

  • Possess critical thinking skills and be able to make quick decisions in emergency situations.

  • Have other paid income to support you as you build your skill-sets and credentials as a certified professional dog trainer-knowledge assessed (CPDT-KA).


1. Is the apprenticeship a volunteer position? 
Currently, this is a volunteer position with room for growth and competitive pay scales for the right person!

2. How many hours a week?

Currently, the structure is very flexible. Ideally, a service dog will live on site with you and you will work with multiple dogs during the week at our home office. 

3. Will there be a facility that provides housing/room & board/pay?

Not at this time. That will change as we expand. 


Please send a cover letter and resume (as PDF attachments) along with 3 professional references and 2 character references. 

Email content to:

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