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Deposit & Cancellation Policy:

We are a small company and generally have a waiting list for boarding and board & train. Please know it's not our intention to cause you stress. Our cancellation policy is in place to honor our busy schedule and meet the needs of clients and their babies. We require a 50% deposit due at the time of scheduling. You will be refunded your deposit amount if cancelled outside of the policy designation. If you have an emergency within the cancellation policy, or if there is a requirement to cancel your trip, a credit will be applied to your account that you can use for a full year after the date of the reservation.


Deposit is refundable if cancelled outside of the policy below:


Boarding Reservations: 3 week cancellation notice required 


Board & Train: 4 week cancellation notice required


Client One-On-One training: 48 hours notice required


Puppy Classes: 4 week cancellation notice required


Drop-in Pet Care: 48 hours notice required

Vaccination & Flea Medication Policy:

All pets must have current health records and be up to date on all vaccinations and flea prevention. 


Additional Policy Provisions:


Heat Cycles: If your dog goes into heat during the time of boarding/board & train, there will be an added fee of $25 per day. 


Vet Appointments: If your pet needs vaccinations or any vet visits during their stay, there will be a fee of $45 


Grooming Appointments: If you pet needs a grooming appointment during their stay, there will be a fee of $45 


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